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Learn to Dance Ballroom & Latin Dances
Mary Manzella & William Blanco May

  San Diego, California  
William Blanco May & Diana !st Place Silver WaltzWilliam Wins 1st Place Dancing Waltz at San Francisco Open
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William Blanco May & Mary Manzella Dancing Cha Cha
Learn to Dance The Michael Jackson Cha Cha With William Blanco May

Learn to Dance Like Michael Jackson Video 2
Walk to The Dance Floor
Like a Fashion Model

Learn to walk like a fashion model &
dance like a pro with poise and confidence...
Runway Model William Blanco May...

And Expert Dance Coaches...

Mary Manzella & William Blanco May
Look Fashion Model William Blanco May
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I Met a Young Woman at a Ballroom Dance...

"At the peak of my life...

when I was strident and self assured,

when I leaped with joy across golden fields, 

when I held my head high like a pompous bird,

I met a young woman one evening at a Ballroom dance.

She was so gentle and so sweet, that a fire was lit in my heart...

I stood there watching her as if I were cast in a spell.

O' how precious was that second when she told me her name...

in her deep, dark probing eyes I glimpsed a gentle flame.

With an angel's face and brown soothing eyes...

 like an immortal child's,

A radiant smile revealed her innocence and happiness...

She was the dream of my heart come true,
whose beautiful smile awakened the slumbering Prince within me,
whose laughter resounded like music in my soul.

She was pensive, untamable, gypsy-like...
she was a mosaic of beauty, grace and magic...."

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Neal Grace
William Blanco May Runway Model & Ballroom Dance Instructor
William Blanco May
Runway Model & Expert Dance Coach


Instead of feeling awkward imagine walking with your sweetheart to the dance floor and feeling attractive and confident as a group of spectators are watching you.

With just a few lessons from Mary Manzella and William Blanco May you will be able to walk like a fashion model and dance with poise and confidence…

We offer private lesson instruction in a friendly relaxed environment. Our focus of learning is on competence, comfort, and enjoyment.

The style of instruction and material taught will cater specifically to your needs and desires. You will be impressed with the EASY to do, yet FUN and EXCITING dance movements that make you glide across the dance floor.

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William Blanco May & Diana Winning 1st Place Rumba
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How to Walk Like a Fashion Model

World Champion Diana Surkis &
Rising Star William Blanco May dancing Rumba

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