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Why Take Private Dance Lessons?

AND...most women dancers prefer to dance with someone who is a good dancer.


Although Mary and I pride ourselves on high quality group dance classes which incorporate plenty of correct dance technique, we still recommend that you take private AND group classes, since each has its own advantages.

Are Private Dance Lessons For You?

What is a private dance lesson? In private dance lessons, it is just you (or you and your dance partner) and your dance coach, working together to improve your dancing.

Rising Star William Blanco May and National Latin Dance Champion Mary Manzella dancing the Michael Jackson Cha Cha

It doesn’t matter what level of dancer you are – a first time beginner or a competitive dancer – direct one-on-one input from a professional coach can’t be beat.


If you talk to accomplished dancers, you’ll learn that they have all taken private lessons along the way. Most dancers who delayed taking privates wished they had done it sooner to accelerate their learning process.

Advantages of  Private Dance Lessons

Russian National Champion Ruxanda Calistru & William Blanco May Perform Rumba

A private lesson allows us to work one-on-one with you to achieve your goals at your own pace and with the privacy that some prefer.


Private Dance lessons can be scheduled more flexibly rather than having to fit into a group class schedule. Privates are booked to meet your scheduling needs.


While group classes are good for learning patterns, private lessons allow for learning all of the nuances of technique that allow the dancer to truly shine.

Hila Hashemi & William Blanco May Dancing Jive

For competing and performing private ballroom dance lessons are usually required since group lessons do not provide as high a level of detail as is needed to become a highly proficient dancer.

Top Reasons to Take Private Dance Lessons

Privates allow you to have undivided individualized attention from your dance coach.


The fastest way to improve your dancing is through private lessons. Your learning curve is accelerated.

Crystelle Hong and William Dancing
Nightclub 2 Step

Private lessons progress at your own pace, instead of the pace of a group class. A private lesson will typically be more productive since we can focus exclusively on your needs.

William Blanco May Fashion Model & Expert Dance Coach

You have a strong desire to be a really good dancer. You may want to compete or perform. Your dance coach can customize your choreography to maximize your strengths.


Privates enable you to effectively learn the most advanced figures and technique. Private dance lessons are your most effective tool to taking your dancing to a performance/competition level of proficiency.


You can learn things right the first time, you can nip bad dance habits in the bud. Privates enable you to feel the highest quality technique, instead of just listening and watching. You can “feel” what it should be like when you dance with your coach.


You select the dance and details you want to work on in your private lesson. You can learn a dance that may not be currently offered in group classes. You can work on the dances or techniques YOU want and need, not to the group class syllabus.

William Blanco May
Dance Coach and
Runway Model
Look Model Agency of San Francisco

You can use the lessons to get ready for a special event, such as a cruise, WEDDING or theme party.


You may want a head start to feel comfortable before you go to group class. You want to get past that awkward beginner stage more quickly.


Or you only want to learn with your regular dance partner, and don’t want to switch partners like we do in group classes.


If your busy schedule doesn't allow you time to fit into a group class, or if the dance you want to learn isn't being offered, or if you prefer individualized dance instruction, private ballroom and Latin dance lessons are right for you!


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