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  Learn To Walk To The Dance Floor Like a Runway Model  
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Runway Model
William Blanco May

What Is A Runway Model?

How To Walk Like a Runway Model

In order to walk like a runway model you need to learn where to position your weight and your shoulders.


Your neck and your shoulders need to be straight with your shoulders back and your hips forward. Your feet need to be pointed straight ahead and your weight a little bit forward.


Balance your stride and your weight. Your arms should be at your sides. It's a huge distraction if you swing your arms too much.


Knowing that you are walking from your head to your toe, with your body very straight but balanced, and keeping your arms to your sides is what really makes a great walk. You want to look like you are gliding as you walk across the dance floor.


Walking is one of the key things that you have to practice all the time. If you want to become confident in learning how to walk as a model onto the dance floor put a full length mirror at the end of your hall and practice walking back and forth.

                   William Blanco May Runway Model
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